What is Access for All?

At ProArts, we understand that the arts are essential for inspiring new ideas, enriching our community, and contributing to the economic growth of our island, and we affirm that every individual deserves the opportunity to experience the arts and their powerful effects; especially those who might otherwise consider cost a barrier. One important and universal way the “Access for All” initiative revolutionizes accessibility is by offering no-cost admission to any ProArts-produced show.

We aim to provide up to 4 complimentary tickets to every ProArts-produced show to anyone in need, no questions asked. This program is the first of its kind on Maui and in Hawai’i but is similar to other free admission models from theaters all over the world. The intention of this program is to help eliminate barriers, discover ways to share resources, and to build a community of people who otherwise wouldn’t be involved in theatre or the arts.

How can I get an Access for All ticket?

  1. To obtain a ticket, email info@proartsmaui.com or call 808-463-6550 and request an “Access for All” ticket.
  2. Fill out a brief contact information form
  3. Receive your show link and access code and enjoy the show!


ProArts is immensely grateful to Ray Chin and Chuck & Carol Langer for their generous support!

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