The ultimate game of cat and mouse revolving around a celebrated writer and the rival for his wife's affections. Filled with brilliant skullduggery, suspense and revenge! Every time you think you have it figured out? You don't!

Directed by Jason Strahn


Dale Button          Brian Connolly
Jack Witworth    Leon Pearsontra
Tom Good

Opening June 7


ProArts, Inc is pleased to announce that our inaugural

Maui New Play Competition will now include an award of $1000 for the winning submission.

This award is made possible by the generous sponsorship of

Marji and Michael Tibbott.

We enthusiastically encourage all Maui Playwrights and anyone who has ever wanted to write a play and has never done so to consider making a submission for the competition.

An application form and summary of the rules is available on request at the ProArts website and Facebook page.  Deadline for submission is May 31, 2019. 

We hope to announce the winner in late August 2019.